Raw Material Spray-Drying

Spray-drying is a method for producing dry powder from a liquid. The process requires the use of a spray-dryer in order to obtain food powders.

The Société VERNIER has one spray-drying tower with a drying capacity of 150 L/hour.

We offer spray-drying for both sweet and savoury flavours.

Powder food flavourings are used in many products and raw materials that are then found in drinks (tea, soft drinks…), health foods, biscuits, food supplements…

A spray-dryer is hard to come by, as it is a machine that requires significant investment and maintenance. The Société VERNIER makes its spray-dryer available to its customers within its own factory, thereby ensuring a monitored procedure in excellent conditions. By offering this service in-house and by limiting the number of middlemen we can keep a tight control over our budget. We can act either as a manufacturer for the end customer, or as a subcontractor for the agri-food industry.