Spray-dry, Compaction… Our Other Workstreams

The SociétéVernier made its first steps in the coffee and vanilla trades. It then expanded and diversified its activities into other areas of the agri-food industry.

Spray-dry and Compaction

Vernier is active in the field of spray-drying. Prior to spray-drying itself, and for the sake of homogeneity, Vernier first carries out an initial blending. The powders obtained through spray-drying may then in turn be blended with others before being packed and packaged.
Vernier also specializes in powder compaction to produce granules. Compaction minimizes the risk of losing homogeneity and simplifies the subsequent storage and distribution of the compacted powders.

Creating Flavours

The creation of natural flavourings leads to many different practical uses. Vernier flavourings come in various forms: liquid, powdered, spray-dried or granulated. They are then used for flavouring food. Demand comes from a number of fields: confectionery, dairy, drinks, deli, ready-made meals and snacks. Each of these fields uses various forms of flavourings. For dairy products and drinks, liquid flavourings remain the most common.