Natural Flavourings

A Creator of Natural Flavourings

Flavourings are used in food to impart a specific flavour to a given food product. Retailers and manufacturers turn to Vernier for supply in order to offer our tried and tested flavourings to their respective clients.

Vernier flavourings are available in various forms. As powder or granules they are used for health foods, in biscuits and food supplements. As liquids they are blended into drinks, soups and sauces, dairy products…

Vernier’s flavourings are entirely natural: they are extracted from plants and fruits.

Our expertise and perfect mastery of the entire flavouring process enable us to act both as a distributor and manufacturer for the end customer and as a subcontractor for the agri-food industry, whilst ensuring proper budgetary control.

  • Fabrication d'arômes naturels
  • Arômes naturels diététique